Help me with my customers.

We can help you segment your market, increase satisfaction, identify paths to purchase, and determine customer needs.

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Help me with my product.

We perform price elasticity analysis, determine quality cues, and test sensory attributes (includes package design). We can provide importance measures, performance measures, purchase funnels, and decision trees.

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Help me with my brand.

We use a variety of research methods to help you gauge brand equity. A few of these include: brand tracking, reputation studies, S.W.O.T. analysis, and employee satisfaction.

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Growth Focused Insights & Research

GFI Research focuses on real solutions. We use relevant data, not “big” data. We push aside what is merely interesting, to provide you with what is actually important. Our research is actionable, and high in quality.

There are no weak links at GFI. All researchers are trained, with at least a Master’s level degree. This makes us more efficient, and more effective. With our combination of human capital and state-of-the-Art research tools, you can be assured that your time will not be wasted due to lack of proficiency.

Our model is “on demand.” We use efficient sample sizes based on scientific principles, and customize pricing for your information needs. We maintain quality, keep costs low, and provide you with solutions just in time for you to make decisions.


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